How much do you have to pay to treat your bad tooth in your country?

 I met my friends last week, One is Japanese friend and other is American friend she came from New York to teach Japanese junior high school students English in Gunma prefecture.

 Then we talked about treating bad tooth because my Japanese friend just treated.

 I asked him “How much did you spend?”

He said “I spend about ¥10000,very high cost!!!”

 However,it seems that she was a little surprised to hear that.

She said”¥10000!? very low cost!”

  It seems that we have the cultural difference about medical expenses.

*$1=about ¥110 

Japanese medical expenses vs American medical expenses

If you have the early stage bad tooth, you just need to pay  around ¥2000 to ¥3000 in Japan.No matter how bad your tooth is, you just need to pay around ¥20000.

On the other hand, you need to spend more $100 even though you just take a exam.If you need crown to treat your tooth,you need to spend over $1000. What a high cost!!!

Why is Japanese medical expenses very low?~Japanese social insurance system~

Japan has a compulsory insurance system which all those living in Japan must be covered by some form of public insurance. 

If you get this insurance, you just need to spend following cost.

  • If you are under 6 years old, Medical copayment is 20% in every medical expenses
  • If your age is from 7 years old to 69, it is 30%
  • If your age is from 70 years old to 74, it is 20%
  • If you are over 75 years old, it is 10%

What do you guys think about this?

I think this is very good system,but how does Japanese government pay our medical insurance?

Japanese social insurance system

¥33 trillion is spent to the social insurance( for example medical expenses, old-age pension and so on) , and ¥23 trillion is spent to the repayment to the debt now.

However, Japanese annual revenue is around ¥60 trillion while the expenditure is ¥100 trillion.That’s why Japanese government compensate for this lack with the debt.

As the result,Japanese government has around ¥ 1 quadrillion debt while Japanese GDP is ¥500 trillion.

「日本 借金の割合 グラフ」の画像検索結果

What do you guys think about this Japanese state?

If you have any opinion or question,please comment


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